StrawBarry in a Strawberry Jam (2022)

Credit. Producer, Story by & Shot by
Director. Amber Jo Weedon
Shot on. Sony A7iii w/Sigma Art Lenses
Length. Short Film (2 minutes)

Currently screening at film festivals!

This project demonstrates how restrictions will push you to be more creative. No money or crew involved – just playing with the surreal & absurd.

StrawBarry waits until the cover of darkness to come alive and boogie down. Tonight, during his midnight dance session, StawBarry discovers some unpleasant truths about what it means to be a strawberry.

This short was a chance to do something truly free and without restrictions. It was a challenge and a pleasure to try and tell a rounded story in 2 minutes. I hope we have created something funny, thoughtful and engaging that speaks to an audience without the need for language.

Designed by AJW

Film Festivals & Awards:
Official Selection at Boundless Film Festival (2022)
Official Selection at MicroActs 11 (2022)

Production Company. Race the Moon